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Betty Fry Scholarship Program

Previous Recipients
Brian Kuykendall Class of 1996
Chelsea Speece Class of 1997
Carrie Jane Class of 1998
Brook Robinson Class of 1999
Jessica Jeanes Class of 2000
Carissa West Class of 2001
Melissa Thornton Class of 2002
Monica Griffin Class of 2003
Amanda Otten Class of 2004
Adam Grubbs Class of 2005

From the very beginning of my career I have wanted to give back to the community we live in. We have lived in the Rendon area since our daughter was very young and there is a special place in our hearts for this community. As a result, The Betty Fry Tarver Rendon Scholarship was established in the sum of $2,500. This scholarship was founded for a high school student needing additional funds to continue their education. In determining the guidelines of the scholarship, it was very important a local young person, who might not qualify for other types of educational assistance, receive the benefits. Our daughter Heather, attended Tarver Rendon elementary and graduated from Mansfield High School, so we felt it appropriate to make this one of the qualifications. In addition, I felt it important the recipient not be limited to only grade average, but a need and desire. Annually a committee reviews applicants for the scholarship.